onsdag 1 november 2023

Working class...or?

When I posted about my kirtle for the working class outfit I talked about the gown for that same outfit, a garment I was still working on. Read about that here. And it was finished in time for medieval week. But...

I realized its to fancy when it comes to colour. The blue colour of the fabric is to bright, to strong, to be low class. I used this painting as referens for working people in an earlier post but I realized I was lazy doing so. I did not look closely enough. She has embroideries on her apron and on her collar, so, not low class. They where not allowed to wear silk embroideries by law. During the 16th century silk gradually became available to other social classes than the nobility, first as small items, like sleeves and caps. In the period the towns were prospering through new fortunes and that made the German middle class able to dress more richly. So, she could be middle class. The silk embroideries are quite small. But not working class. 

So, what to do? I know I could wear it the way it is, but it does not feel right. Its too short for anything else than working class. So, Im going to remake my so called working class gown. I could add black trim to the bodice and remove the guards in the skirt and make it longer by adding a wider guard, also in black. Its quite short the way it is now.

And it would turn into something like this. Painted in the first part of the 16th century by Barthel Bemham "Portrait of a young noblewoman".

It might not need to be patrician, but a few steps up the social ladder, maybe something for a townsperson? If I chose any other colour than black. In this, rater bad picture, I could be dressed in everyday townspeople clothing. Simple but well dressed. 

Does this make sense? To re-do a dress that was just finished? I dont know, but I do know that when I got the thought of the little bit to bright blue colour in my head I cant overlook it. If you dont have anything to do you make yourself something to do...

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  1. Remaking it is certainly one way to go. If the problem is only that the blue is too bright, can you fade it to a tone accessible to working class at that time/place? Or would that just damage the dress, even if you could get a colour that was "right"?