onsdag 14 juli 2021

Device registered, finally!

So, my device is finally registered. It took me long enough... I have been a member of the SCA for 15 years but it is actually just the latest three that I have been thinking about registered both my name and device. My name, Marlein Eberlin, was registered a little over a year ago. 

In the society you are free to choose your own name. A proper name to your persona can make the game richer, the dream more visible and vivid. My clothing has more or less always been German. I have tried others countries and times too, but I always ends up in 16th century Germany. Its were I belong. So I took a German name. A name that was used during the late 15th century. I always imagen that my persona was born around 1490-95 so that felt suitable. And it turnes out that my last name, Eberlin, means wildboar, Eber. So of course I needed to use that in my device. 

And here it is!

Per fess gules and argent, three pairs of scissors Or and a boar´s head erased close sable.

The wildboar is there together with a white and red background. My great grandmother was born in a noble family and their colours where white and red, so I wanted to use that, to make it even more me. And of course, the scissors, its what I love to do, what I do every day, sew and make handicrafts. More clear than just a needle I thought. 

Im looking forward to start putting it on stuff. I need to make a baner! Im grateful to my household for the support and cheering that I have got. Thank you.

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