torsdag 25 maj 2023

The order of the laurel...or, Im sorry I ruined your birthdayparty

My laurel was going to celebrate her birthday at Doublewars, so that we all could be there. The household talked a lot about it online. And I bought drinks for the party.... It was going to be at tuesday evening and food were prepared and we all dressed up nicely for court before the party. 

Photo: Robert Garnett

Well at court I got called up to get a Nordmark-award for service. Which made me happy. I had no clue it was something else in I am, in front of the Princess of Nordmark, suspecting nothing... 

Photo: Robert Garnett

When I got up she didnt let go of my hand and suddenly the court of the king and queen of Drachenwald opened up again and they told all the members of the order of the Laurel to come forward.

Photo: Robert Garnett

Photo: Robert Garnett

Photo: Robert Garnett

And yes, Im crying.

Photo: Magdalena Morén
 Here my laurel Renike Tucher escorted me out of court to my vigil. And at this point I hadn't got it I asked her for forgiveness for stealing the spotlight from her birthday party. 
There were no birthday party. 
They had planed my vigil-party in plane sight!
I love you to pieces.
Photo: Catherine Terrett
The Order of the Laurel is one of the Peerages, equal in standing with the Knights, Pelicans, and Royal Peers. It is the highest award given in the SCA for excellence in the Arts and Sciences. Laurels attempt to inspire others to create beautiful and authentic works by teaching and example.

Beautiful words...and a lot of beautiful words and advise were given to me on my vigil.

Photo: Anders Olsson

For court I wore my 16th century low nobility everyday clothing. With a rock in red wool, a haube with blackwork and my furlined shaublein. And my hat. Which was on its way of everytime I was hugging someone...

And of course I accepted this honour. This photo is taken at the start of the elevation-ceremony.

Photo: Grimwulf Harland

I wore the finest clothing I own, 16th century nobility, broccade dress and embroidered haube, with a lot of silk threads in different strong colours. I did felt pretty. 

And after beautiful speeches I said yes. And got the medallion ordered by my laurel and made by Oriane d´Avallon, my cape made by Görvel Skote and my wreatch made by Magdalena Grace Vane I got to swear fealty to the king and queen of Drachenwald. 

Photo: Grimwulf Harland

The beautiful scroll, or painting, is made by Rickard of Salesberie.


And Im honored to be gifted so many beautiful gifts. 

A timble by Beata.
A handmade bag with embroidered napkin by Lia.
A handmade bag by Anna.
An embroidered needlecase by Magdalen.
An embroidered napkin by Petronilla.
A pair of sleeves by Helwig.
An embroidered veil by Barbara.
A glas and a book by Gele.
A belt by Duncan.
A painted bow by Agnes.
Licqour by Tova.
A pendant by Estrid.
Pins by Isabeta.
Silk by Aleydis.
A pair of laurel shoes by Erik.
A Freyasymbol by Vanna.
Liqour by Rasmus. 
Yarn by Historical Textiles. 
A pair of scissors by Ellisif.

And the first page in my vigilbook by Balthazar.
And the painted box for my medallion by Sabine and Balthazar. 
A medallion by Renike.
A cape by Görvel. 
The sign made by Sabine.

Thank you all for being there for me and with me on this day and all the days to come. 

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