onsdag 4 november 2020

Needle lace for 1860's shift

 As decoration on the sleeveends on the shift from 1860´s posted yesterday there is a small needle lace. 

Here is the original one. 

I interpreted it as three rows of "bubbles" and a supporting thread in between ech layer. I will show you what I mean...
I used 2 threads out of a 4-ply linen thread, bought here

I started with the first row of bubbles. The needle goes in from the right side and back to the right side through the bubble. The stitches are 5 mm apart. 

When the row of bubbles is finished a supportiv thread is threaded though each bubble.

And then another row of bubbles. The needle goes in from the right side, and up from inside the bubble created. 

And another row of supportiv thread.

And the last row of bubbles.

And a last supportiv thread. The supportiv thread makes it more square-looking instead of round. 

I like how it turned out but its a bit to big, compared with the original. I will keep this one but I might keep practise it, to get even closer to the original. Or I don´t. There are so much fun things to make that I will more likely go on to something new...

Its nice how something quite simple makes such a beautiful decoration. The shift is quite simple but this little detail makes all the differens. 

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