tisdag 10 november 2020

The Lengberg headwear

So I made it, the Lengberg headwear. When having the sprang piece the step to the whole headwear was to short not to make it. When though Im not doing 15th century fashion. And I think it turned out good, its really cute. But its to small for me. I can wear it but it feels like its going to slide of at any second. 

The Lengberg headwear consists of four pieces of linen, one on each side of the sprang and two smaller longer pieces to be able to wrap it around the head and knot it. The sprang piece is on top of the head, from the forehead to the neck, a very decorative element. There is also a fingerloop braid along the front edge. The original is 58 cm and mine is 55 cm. The braid is attache to the front edge with needle lace.
I used waxed linen thread and backstitch. The edges is folded and whipstitched. The needle lace is made with the same thread but double. The sprang is whipstitched to the linen. 

The cap is very cute I think. But I kind of lost interest for it when notised the size of it. Rachel Case that was involved in the research of the original garments told me that the origianl cap was also quite small. So I guess I got that right! Now when I know the size I will probably make another one that fits me. I think that this cap might be useful for lower clases 16th century fashion too. 

The fingerloop braid is made out of five strands. And its flat. I have only made squared braids before so that was fun. 

Im sorry for the bad mobilphone-pictures. When I have made another one I will put a greater effort in taking good pictures. I just wanted to show you what I put together after finished the sprang. 

See, a bit to small but quite nice anyway.

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